If you are looking to change your business in any way, your people are critical, and so is the right HR advice.  So, what might you be thinking?

  • Our company has grown quickly over the last 12 months, do we have the right structure in place to support continued growth? Or do we need to rethink how we move forward?


  • We are thinking of merging two offices together, how do we make it work? Are there any people issues we should be dealing with?


  • Profits are down, how can I manage the team through downsizing?


  • Our business plans include acquiring at least one company in the coming year, we know the numbers involved but recognise that the people part may be a challenge. We need to know:


  • What due diligence should we be doing?
  • Will the culture fit?
  • What is TUPE?
  • Do we need to issue new contracts and terms and conditions?
  • What are the timescales that we need to work to?
  • How do we make the change seamless and successful from the new employee’s perspective?

Alternatively, you might be thinking it’s time to sell, then similar issues will be important to you.


With a background in successful business change, Rachel is perfectly positioned to advise you and support you through the changes to meet your business needs.   The same core principles apply whatever the size of your company: planning; preparation; engagement; change; and review.  Together we can achieve your goals.